LiVES stops after loading

  • jozik

    jozik - 2009-06-04

    I recently installed LiVES, but I can't get any clip to load. Best result is with a .MOD clip form a JVC camcorder. It is less then 18 sec. and has 428 frames (states LiVES). LiVES starts importing and ends with: " 442/428 frames opened. Time remaining 0 sec."
    And that's it, nothing else happens.
    I'm using Ubuntu 9.04 on a AMD processor, 4GB RAM and plenty harddisk space.
    Any suggestions?

    • Salsaman

      Salsaman - 2009-06-05

      First of all you say you have plenty of disk space, but is that really the case ? Have you double checked the setting of the temp directory in Preferences ?

      (See section 2.7 of the manual -

      Second, it sounds to me like it is getting stuck opening the first and last frames for display. What happens if you try to open an image file or an audio file ?

      Another possibility is that the input file is in some way defective or damaged. Are you able to play it back using mplayer ?

      If the file is not too large, you could upload it here for testing purposes.


      • jozik

        jozik - 2009-06-05

        It has gotten much worse and finally better ;-)
        Today LiVES did not start at all, though in a terminal screen with 'top' running I could see something happening.
        Then I tried to start LiVES from the command line and that gave a lot of extra information, for instance that it couldn't open the livestmp-file. And, despite of having no livestmp, LiVES did start.
        I created a new livestmp directory and edited the preferences so that it used this new directory. After restarting everything works fine, at least until now.
        So ,thanks Salsaman, it definitely had something to do with the livestmp file!


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