Recording and cutting live streams

  • Keith Johnson

    Keith Johnson - 2013-07-10

    Hello everybody. I'm a complete newbie to Linux who is looking for a way of recording and mixing editing two live sources. We are planning on using a couple of HD webcams (probably Logitech 920, which has Linux drivers available) for a project. We need to be able to record the live streams from both cameras and if possible do a live cut between them. Then go back and adjust any of the edits if necessary before exporting the compiled video.

    Is this possible with LiVES? If not possible out-of-the-box, so to speak, could anyone suggest a solution, maybe using some other software to record the streams, then make them available to LiVES? Obviously, we need to maintain sync between the two clips.

    The cut output doesn't necessarily have to be viewed live, but we need a workflow which can be done efficiently, as basically we'll have a stream of clients passing in front of the cameras, and what we want to do is clip up each of them as they go, so we avoid massive amounts of editing later.

  • Salsaman

    Salsaman - 2013-07-10

    Yep, that should be possible with LiVES. As a simple test you can start up the application, then click on File -> Open Webcam/TV card and then see if you can open the first camera. If that works, then do the same for the second camera. Then hit play (p) and you should be able to switch between the clips for example using ctrl-page-up and ctrl-page-down. Then hit "q" to stop.

    IF that works then there is a lot more you can do (recording, scripting, motion detection, encoding etc). But lets take this one step at a time.

    Let me know if the cameras are working first.

  • Keith Johnson

    Keith Johnson - 2013-07-10

    Thanks Salsaman - we'll be getting the cams in a week or two so when I've got the kit together I'll let you know how we get on. Looks like a great program you have here.


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