seeing audio

  • poundie

    poundie - 2010-03-11

    Is it possible to see a visual tracing of the audio track (as one can do in
    Pinnacle and Kdenlive)? It would help with editing , i.e, you can see the
    amplitudes of rhythms etc. I can't seem to find out how to do it. Thanks.

  • poundie

    poundie - 2010-03-12

    Thank you, I have it in Multitrack. And I am reading the documentation
    carefully, but now I have 2 further questions. One, I have brought in a clip
    which is a still frame .jpg and I want to make its duration longer than .04
    sec, can't see how to do it. Second, I have brought in a separate audio track
    to play alongside my video clips. I put it in the backing audio track. When
    the clips come on, the sound goes off. I tried changing various parameters in
    Multitrack/Render preferences so the sound will play continuously but clearly
    I am missing something (it still cuts off). Perhaps I should have brought the
    audio in differently? Or what? Thanks, this looks like a promising editor and
    I want to grasp how it works.

  • nigeltde

    nigeltde - 2010-04-11

    b2rothers, did you ever figure out what was going on with the first issue,
    where the backing track cuts out during clips plays? I'm having the same
    problem. I feel like I've checked everything there is to check but I must be
    missing something. Thanks.

  • Salsaman

    Salsaman - 2010-04-11

    nlgetelde, yes, it was a bug in version 1.2.1. This is fixed in 1.3.2 so you
    just need to upgrade.

  • nigeltde

    nigeltde - 2010-04-11

    Thanks so much for your prompt response! I've installed 1.3.2 and it works
    like a dream.


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