LiVES extremely slow importing clips

  • elhoir

    elhoir - 2008-04-05

    i have tested other video editors, such as kdenlive in Linux, and other in Windows, and i find LiVES extremely slow during importing of any type of video clip. Could anyone tell me why is it?

    • Salsaman

      Salsaman - 2008-04-05

      Yes. LiVES is slow at importing clips because currently each frame is decoded into a separate image (jpeg usually) when you open the clip. This makes it slow to open the clips, but has several advantages:

      • LiVES can handle any kind of video file (most other editors limit the types of files you can edit to a few formats, such as dv)
      • Frame accurate seeking is guaranteed. LiVES can play a clip backwards just as easily as playing it forwards.

      However, future plans are to look into technologies such as gstreamer, to see if it might be possible to pull frames directly from the clip. This has some drawbacks: for some types of video codec, this means reading a lot of data before the correct frame can be located. Thus playback will be much less smooth; for other types of codec, it is simply not possible to pull an individual frame without decoding the entire clip.

      Also, when I started coding LiVES more than five years ago, such technologies did not exist. Note also that LiVES is a video editing system, that is, clips must be imported into the system before they can be used.

      Nevertheless, you need only import a clip once. After that you can leave it as part of the clip set, and it will be opened instantly when you need it again in the future.


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