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  • Supervinx

    Supervinx - 2009-06-06

    Hi !
    The last (and only) window$ app that I use is a Pinnacle Studio version ...
    Since I'm planning to completely remove winzoz I've looked for a linux multitrack video editor.

    So I'm askin' something:

    1) the manual says that I could acquire directly by firewire ... but the file->import menu isn't present ..

    2) acquiring with Kino, gives me big dv files, and Lives tells me that isn't optimized for big files ... what does it mean ? That importing will be very slow ?

    3) if I have understood well, Lives imports clips and stores frames separately: then it should use the same disk space if I import mpg or dv files ... is it correct ?

    4) my need is to make a video (to be authored as DVD) about 1 hour and a half, merging three different sources (a lot of GBytes). After the importing process, it should be reasonably fast ?


    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-09

      Hi !
      I'm leaving for some days ...
      I downloaded and merged the CVS modifications on my notebook (Jaunty 9.04) and compiled and started flawlessly ...
      Nice the splash screen with the progress bar...
      I noticed that starts faster and no console warnings ...
      (You know I start lives frome the console, lives & )

      During this period, I'll test the program (I must begin to prepare the video for the school theatre project).
      Since I'll be without net (I must activate my external GPRS modem), I'll tell you the results as soon as I can connect (four, five days)

      I'll give you a report ...


    • Salsaman

      Salsaman - 2009-06-06

      Hi !
      you will be pleased to know that as of LiVES, LiVES has had the ability to instantly open dv video, provided it has been compiled with libdv support.

      This means that there is no restriction on video file size for dv.

      To import, simply use the menu option File -> Import from device -> Import from firewire device (dv)

      (See section 4.2.7 of the manual -

      You don't mention which version of LiVES you are using, or which distro, or where you obtained the binaries/sourcecode from. Without this information I cannot help you further.

    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-06

      Hi !
      Sorry :-(
      LiVES Versione
      Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 (i386)
      Pentium IV HTT 3.0 GHz, 2 Gb RAM, three HD (2 sata, 1 pata)

      I've downloaded a deb package

      When I try to open (open file/directory) an 8.4 GB dv I got this message (rough translation from the italian, sorry)

      Lives warning

      Lives is not optimized to big file dimension.
      We suggest you to start with a smaller file or to use the option Open File Selection
      (File dimension=2147.48MB)

      Are you sure to continue ?

      No file-> import menu ... :-(

      dvdgrab is installed and almost everything all (only xmms is missing)

      I've imported smaller dv files (hundreds of MB) ... the process is long (about half an hour for about 2 Gb total data), but reopening is fast

      Do you think it would be better to download the source code and recompile it ?

      It should be installed also on a dual core (64bit) machine.

      Thanks for the reply !

      • Salsaman

        Salsaman - 2009-06-06

        Did you get this from ?

    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-06

      Yes ...
      I searched for Linux ubuntu multitrack video editor in Google and found Lives and getdeb ...

      • Salsaman

        Salsaman - 2009-06-06

        Please excuse me while I go and shout at the getdeb people...

        (In the meantime you could try compiling from source if you are brave).

    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-06

      If I wasn't brave I hadn't successfully switched to Linux ;-)
      Over ten PC's at home (new and old) all with Linux and no major problems ...
      In the afternoon I'll try to download and recompile source code ...

      Can you advice a safe (!) place were download the source code ?

      Safe = complete !

      Thanks !

      • Salsaman

        Salsaman - 2009-06-06

        Source code is always available from:

        You will need to have installed development packages of libdv, libavc1394 and librom1394 before compiling LiVES.

    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-06

      librom1394 ? You mean libraw1394 ?

      I think I should deinstall the installed version ...

    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-06

      I ran ./configure ... only VISUAL and frei0r are NO ...
      Can I proceed with make ?
      How can I set additional parameters to make it full optional ?
      Or there is no need ?

    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-06

      Added frei0r and OIL ..

    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-07

      Hi !
      There must be some time difference ;-)

      Since I couldn't wait :-( I did
      (some warnings ... unused classes and not strictly conforming args)

      sudo make install

      sudo ldconfig

      everything ok ...

      It started ...

      The import menu is present
      Opening an 8.4 Gb file doesn't produce the warning anymore ...

      It seems to be "Full Optional" ...

      I'll tell you later how it works ;-)

      GetDeb ? Bah ...

    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-07

      Ah .. I forgot ...
      Opening the 8.4 Gb is FAST !
      Less than one minute ... yesterday it was SLOW !

      • Salsaman

        Salsaman - 2009-06-07

        Great ! That is indeed good news that you got it all working.

        Just one thing - would you mind please writing a quick HOWTO - get full dv support in LiVES ? Then I can include this in the manual for other users :-D

        Just a few lines what you did to enable it - I would rather have this in the words of the users themselves.

        Anyway, enjoy your LiVES !


    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-07

      Sure !
      Now is time to lunch ;-)
      In the afternoon I'll summarize the steps done ...
      All the best !


    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-07

      1) downoload LiVES source
      2) update the system
      3) install the following libraries

      • build-essential (build-dep on intrepid)
      • gcc
      • automake 1.7 or higher
      • autoconf 2.57 or higher
      • gettext 0.12.1 or higher
      • libtool 1.5.22 or higher
      • libgtk2.0-dev 2.10 or higher

      development packages


      4) add the following

      mplayer 0.90rc1+ compiled with jpeg support
      ImageMagick 5
      perl 5+
      gtk+ 2.10+

      sox (highly recommended)
      transcode (recommended)
      mencoder (highly recommended)
      libmjpeg-tools (recommended)

      xmms (optional)
      cdda2wav (optional)

      5) If you got LiVES as a tar.gz or tar.bz2, at a terminal prompt, enter the following:

            bzip2 -d LiVES-

      gzip -d LiVES-

      depending on which version you have. Then:

            tar xvf LIVES-
            cd lives-

      READ the info files !

      6) run

      ./configure > out

      and carefully check the output (e.g. vim out)

      checking for jack_get_client_name in -ljack... yes
      checking jack/jack.h usability... yes
      checking jack/jack.h presence... yes
      checking for jack/jack.h... yes
      checking jack/transport.h usability... yes
      checking jack/transport.h presence... yes
      checking for jack/transport.h... yes
      checking pkg-config is at least version 0.9.0... yes
      checking for GTK... yes
      checking for GLIB... yes
      checking for SDL... yes
      checking for MJPEGTOOLS... yes
      checking for LIBDV... yes
      checking for OGG... yes
      checking for THEORA... yes
      checking for VORBIS... yes
      checking for VISUAL... no
      checking for VISUAL... no
      checking for OIL... yes
      checking frei0r.h usability... yes
      checking frei0r.h presence... yes
      checking for frei0r.h... yes
      checking libraw1394/raw1394.h usability... yes
      checking libraw1394/raw1394.h presence... yes
      checking for libraw1394/raw1394.h... yes
      checking libavc1394/avc1394.h usability... yes
      checking libavc1394/avc1394.h presence... yes
      checking for libavc1394/avc1394.h... yes
      checking libavc1394/rom1394.h usability... yes
      checking libavc1394/rom1394.h presence... yes
      checking for libavc1394/rom1394.h... yes

      add missing libs (I added everything except VISUAL), when unsure search through Synaptic or apt-cache search for complete name ...

      To add frei0r:
      sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/akirad.list
      wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install frei0r-plugins

      I ran ./configure after each addition ... I know, it's a long way ...

      7) run make > out and check carefully the output. I got some ininfluent warnings ...

      8) sudo make install
      9) sudo ldconfig

      10) launch (at least the first time) Lives from the console

      lives &

      and try it ... check console messages ...

      11) I had a lot of things already present (ubuntu studio) ... so something may be missing in the list ...

    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-07

      Tomorrow I'll try compiling on a Notebook (dual core 64bit) with Intrepid 8.10 and no Ubuntu Studio ... I'll tell you later...

    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-07

      Hmmm ... I've a problem ...
      Fast opening of dv files, but when files exceed 4Gb limit, after that limit, only audio is correct ... video is full of colored squares ...
      I've tried with a 3 Gb file ... it's ok ...

      The problem is that I have a lot of big dv files ... and I didn't want to load them into Kino and split ...

      May I resolve it ?

      • Salsaman

        Salsaman - 2009-06-08

        Please try the following patch - edit

        In function get_frame(), change the line:

        size_t bytes=frame*priv.frame_size;


        off_t bytes=frame*priv.frame_size;

        then recompile and reinstall.

        Please let me know if this fixes the problem.

    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-08

      I edited and recompiled ... nothing changed
      Just to be sure:

      File size: 13476384000
      Total frames: 93586
      Last visible frame: 29826

      You can easily check that it's exactly 410241024*1024 :-(

      The file can be opened in Kino and GStreamer, it hasn't problems (I've tried also with another file exceeding 4Gb)

      It should be a wrap-on problem ... counter/pointer reset to zero and decoding continues using first frames ... but you should know better than me ;-)

      I have a little programming practice, and I hate those errors ... time consuming ...

      All the best

      • Salsaman

        Salsaman - 2009-06-08

        OK, try the following:

        edit dv_decoder.c again, function get_frame():





        and change:




        Then recompile, and reinstall.

    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-08

      Hmmm ... there's some problem with make ...
      In the plugins directory, even after having modified dv_decoder.c, it tells me "nothing to do for all"...
      So I removed the live source directory and recreated it from the tar file.

      I recompiled everything (after the modifications)

      sudo make install
      sudo ldconfig

      I gave a quick look at dv-decoder.c code ...

      before off64_t bytes=frame*priv.frame_size;

      there is a line

      int frame=(int) tframe;

      If I'm not wrong, frame is a frame counter ... and with large files, it can be larger than int ... (my file has over 90000 frames)

      So I modified in

      int64_t frame=tframe;

      Let me know about it ...

      Ah, I forgot ...

      It works !

      All the best !

      • Salsaman

        Salsaman - 2009-06-08

        Indeed strange about the make, maybe something to do with timestamps - but you can always do a "make clean". No need to recreate the source files.

        As for int frame, there should be no need to change it, because int is good for up to 2 billion - I doubt a file would have this many frames.

        But anyway good that it works - and some more good news, the maintainers of getdeb responded and they are now building their packages with libdv support.

    • Supervinx

      Supervinx - 2009-06-08

      An audio problem emerges ...
      Slowly, audio and video lose synchronism ...
      If I seek the video with the pointer, about at half of the video audio disappears ...
      If I go near the end, I hear the starting audio !

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