sounds problems (jackd, sox, mplayer)

Romain C.
  • Romain C.

    Romain C. - 2008-06-23

    Hi all.

    • with mplayer: videos don't play

    • with sox: at the end of the play of the selection, the play restarts (again and again...)

    • with libjack0: the play continues after the end of the selection. With libjack0 and jackd, the sound sizzles and all conversions are impossible

    • with all (mplayer or sox or libjack0): when i extract a video selection, the sound doesn't correspond (it starts from the beginning) at the images

    I use the version on kubuntu hardy


    i imagemagick - image manipulation programs
    i A libavc1394-0 - Contrôle les périphériques audio et vidéos compatibles IEEE 13
    i libc6 - bibliothèque C GNU : bibliothèques partagées
    i A libgdk-pixbuf2 - The GdkPixBuf image library, gtk+ 1.2 version
    i libglib2.0-0 - The GLib library of C routines
    i libgtk2.0-0 - The GTK+ graphical user interface library
    i A libjack0 - JACK Audio Connection Kit (libraries)
    i libjpeg62 - La bibliothèque d'exécution JPEG de l'« Independent JPEG Group
    i A libmjpegtools0c2a - MJPEG video capture/editting/playback MPEG encoding
    i A liboil0.3 - Library of Optimized Inner Loops
    i libraw1394-8 - library for direct access to IEEE 1394 bus (aka FireWire)
    i libsdl1.2debian - Simple DirectMedia Layer
    i A libsox-fmt-all - All SoX format libraries
    i A libsox-fmt-ao - SoX Libao format I/O library
    i libvisual-0.4-0 - Audio visualization framework
    i A libvisual-0.4-plugins - Audio visualization framework plugins
    i libx11-6 - X11 client-side library
    i mencoder - MPlayer's Movie Encoder
    i A mjpegtools - MJPEG video capture/editting/playback MPEG encoding
    i mplayer - The Ultimate Movie Player For Linux
    p mplayer-nogui - The Ultimate Movie Player For Linux
    i perl - Langage de rapports et d'extractions pratiques de Larry Wall
    i python - An interactive high-level object-oriented language (default ve
    i A sox - Swiss army knife of sound processing

    • Salsaman

      Salsaman - 2008-07-20


      problem 1) - not LiVES specific

      problem 2) - unable to reproduce this - it works fine here.

      problem 3) - also unable to reproduce (may be 64 bit specific - are you using 64 bit ?)

      problem 4) - this is an issue with mplayer (does not synchronise audio with offset video for some file formats); suggested workaround is to manually adjust the audio by cutting or inserting silence

    • Salsaman

      Salsaman - 2008-07-20

      Sorry for the delay; I think this may be ubuntu specific, and I have been unable to reproduce it on my machine.

      I am taking a look into this now with the ubuntu packager.


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