awurpts - 2007-08-30

I want to use livecam to grab video from my webcam (m5602 based cam mounted in ASUS PW 201 monitor). The m560x-module seems to be loaded (since lsmod reports so).

In order to check the webcam and driver setup, I compiled livecam (svn-version from 2007-08-30) under kubuntu on amd64 (2.6.20-16-generic).

Following the workaround of ludoles ( the program compiles without errors or warnings.

After starting it displays the dialog to choose an input-format from the list of available capture formats. At this point dmesg reports 

" .......m560x-driver/m560x/branches/m5602-ov9650/m560x_core.c: m560x open"

My problem now is that livecam crashes immediately after confirming any selection.

Any ideas how to handle this?
Your help ist greatly appreciated.