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HELP - Changing the legal data file format

  • AndresNovoa

    AndresNovoa - 2013-10-09

    Good afternoon.

    I was wondering if there was a way to change the definition of the legal file format for Live Graph. A program I use in my research writes the data to a CSV file but the first column is left blank for 'Remarks'. There is no way to edit how the program writes data but I was hoping maybe I could change how Live Graph reads it. I tested this with a modified file where I removed the first column (and the first two rows with comments, there is no way to have the software print a # in front either) and the plot looked wonderful. If there is anybody that could help me modify Live Graph (I am not too experienced in writing Java scripts so I cannot do it myself) I would really appreciate the help!

    Thank you and have a great day!

  • AndresNovoa

    AndresNovoa - 2013-10-09

    Update: I checked and the first two rows don't affect the plotting. The only issue is with the first column.

  • AndresNovoa

    AndresNovoa - 2014-01-07


  • Greg Paperin

    Greg Paperin - 2014-01-08

    Hi Andres!

    Modifying the application to treat the input file slightly differently is not very hard if you have a basic understanding of the Java programming language. Just download the sources and take a look.

    If you are not interested in the real-time functionality, you can also modify your files by hand after they are generated and before you load them into LiveGraph.

    As for making the source code modification for you - this is not something for which there is any capacity available on this end. Perhaps you can find a volunteer to help you out with this.




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