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Ver 2.0b01 Dataseries as time on x axis

  • Outtasight

    Outtasight - 2010-12-19

    Feature request.

    I record solar data from a logger (similar to many engineering applications) that records data at 15 second intervals to a CSV file.  The first field of the data is a UTC time stamp.  LiveGraph can't understand this field and read it as time and date but that's ok by me.

    If it could be set to recognise that each row of data from the CSV file is at n second intervals, then at least it could translate that into elapsed time indications on the x-axis.  At the moment, I can figure out the time because 100 data points on the x-axis are equivalent to 25 minutes and the plotter puts axis markers at 100 point intervals.  I mostly use the "show tail data" rolling window to see how the generator output is going and it wouldn't be hard to make the x axis to show the newest point as "now" and then display the time of the data set going backwards…  Now = "12:00pm" - 100 data sets is 25 minutes ago =  set an x-axis marker of "11:35am" and so on.

    That would make the LiveGraph x-axis function a lot more useful and would be generic enough that you could apply it to any real time, interval based logging, whether or not it included any timestamp data.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm running into similar issues where one of my colum captures time stamps which I would like to plot on the x-axis. 

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    same here… is there anyway that i can do this? thanks a lot


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