Outtasight - 2010-12-19

Feature request.

I log data from a off-grid solar system and there are a bunch of parameters that are key to its operation, all with different ranges and scales that are difficult to show on a single y-axis scale.  The most important ones are:

Battery volts (range 24.0-30.0)  Need to see the fine detail in this range so y-axis is useless if it shows range from zero.
Output power (range 0-2000)  Obviously you can't show the battery volts on this scale and see any detail in it.
Watt-hours accumulated (range 0-5000 or more).  Sort of fits with the instantaneous power scale unless its really sunny :D

So a plot that has two scales for y-axis would be great on most days.  Use the left hand side y-axis to show 0-2000 range and the right hand side y-axis to show a scale for 24.0-30.0.

Combine this request with the "time as an x-axis" other request I made and you've pretty much got my ideal tool for monitoring real time performance an off-grid solar system :D