Hi Rida,

I've downloaded LIUS 1.0-RC2 and I think it a nice project. However I've found something that I think you should correct.
I don't mean to criticize your job and if I post this message is because I want to support you.

1) If you browse the code in SourceForge.net via "Code -> SVN Browse" and click on "src/" and "lius/", you get .class files instead of .java. It is expected to find the source code in the directory "src", isn't it?

2) The documentation of LIUS 1.0-RC2 at http://www.doculibre.com/lius/doc-1.0_en.html has an error in Example 3. The line:
<indexer class="lius.index.PDF.PdfIndexer">
should be:
<indexer class="lius.index.pdf.PdfIndexer">

3) Line 54 of src/lius/index/IndexerFactory.java is:
but I think that it should be:
   if (indexer != null) {
This is because the line 53 might set indexer to null.

4) I suspect that lines 68 and 69 of src/lius/index/IndexerFactory.java should be exchanged.
   indexer = getIndexer(url.openStream(), MimeTypeUtils.getMimeType(url), lc);
I guess the method setDocToIndexPath should be called after the indexer has been returned by getIndexer.