luigi61 - 2007-07-03


I am trying to implement Lius into ColdFusion code. I had no problems with Lucene, but I need the ability to parse various file formats.

But i am having problems at the very beginning. I cannot initialize Lius. Something seems to be wrong with reading teh XML liusConfig file.

My code:
configFileDir = javaCast("string","C://Lius-1.0//Config//liusConfig.xml");

f = createObject("java","");
if (f.exists()) {
    lc = LiusConfigBuilder.getSingletonInstance().getLiusConfig(configFileDir);   // this is the line where I get the error !

Error message:
500 org/saxpath/SAXPathException

As you can see, I am checking for the existence of the XML file. So the file is there!
I am guessing there is a problem with parsing the XML file content or something.

Thanks for your help.