• James

    James - 2007-04-05


    I'm trying to use Lius, but I have several questions :
    - why many fields have been commented and replaced by an only fullText field in the default liusConfig.xml ? Is it a choice you made or will lius stop working correctly with those fields enabled ?

    For example
    <pdf setBoost="1.6">
                <indexer class="lius.index.pdf.PdfIndexer">
                    <luceneField name="fullText" get="content" type="Text"/>
                    <!--<luceneField name="title" get="title" type="Text" />
                    <luceneField name="author" get="author" type="Text" />
                    <luceneField name="creator" get="creator" type="Text" />
                    <luceneField name="summary" get="summary" type="Text" />
                    <luceneField name="keywords" get="keywords" type="Text" />
                    <luceneField name="producer" get="producer" type="Text" />
                    <luceneField name="subject" get="subject" type="Text" />
                    <luceneField name="trapped" get="trapped" type="Text" />
                    <luceneField name="creationDate" get="creationDate" type="DateToString" />
                    <luceneField name="modificationDate" get="modificationDate" type="DateToString" />-->

    Is there a documentation somewhere on Lius ? (I just found a tutorial and javadoc in the zip  file).

    And last, but not least, what is the preferred language to use to post here ? :)

    Thank's for your help & for your job



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