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littleutils-1.0.37 released

Cached stat calls in lower/uppercase and pren to improve performance under Cygwin in a networked environment. Additional tweaks to opt-pdf, opt-png, and to-XXX scripts.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2017-01-21

littleutils-1.0.36 released (plus missed announcement from 1.0.35)

For 1.0.36: Added file download capability to the various "to-" file recompression utilities (via wget), so that a file may be downloaded and recompressed with a single command.

For 1.0.35: Added extra checks to ensure proper recompressor behavior regardless of installation environment. Change to lbzip2 for parallel engine inside to-bzip2.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2016-07-31

littleutils-1.0.34 released

Added options to use multi-threaded compressors inside to-gzip, to-bzip, to-lzip, to-lzma, and to-xz recompression utilities.

BUGFIX! The -b and -c options in wipe-free were being ignored. This has now been fixed.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2015-11-14

littleutils-1.0.33 released

Added rarfile-handling and timestamp-preserving functionality to all to-* archive conversion scripts, compliments of a patch by Sourgeforge user D. Gloger. This includes the new rar2tarcat utility.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2015-03-28

Yet more new Debian packages for littleutils-1.0.32

The 1.0.32-2 packages made no provision for utilizing libjpeg-turbo-progs. The new 1.0.32-3 packages do.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2014-11-04

New Debian packages for littleutils-1.0.32

The Debian packaging was a little bit goofed up. New 1.0.32-2 packages are available. Special thanks to Sourceforge user pitoziq for reporting the issue.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2014-10-14

littleutils-1.0.32 released

Added zipfile-handling and timestamp-preserving functionality to all to-* archive conversion scripts, compliments of a patch by Sourgeforge user D. Gloger. This includes the new zip2tarcat utility.

Fixed a portability fix for OS X, based on a patch by Sourgeforge user Zeese Blevens.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2014-08-09

littleutile-1.0.31 released

Numerous resyncs with upstream, plus a few manpage tweaks. No actual change in functionality.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2014-08-09

littleutils-1.0.30 released

Added new littleutil opt-pdf, intended to make PDF files smaller and/or more correct. Added lzma conversion capability to to-xz and to-lzip, based on a patch from SourgeForge user Gloger.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2013-12-08

littleutils-1.0.29 released

Finally added a cmp-based paranoia check to the repeats utility. No other changes.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2013-06-26

littleutils-1.0.28 released

Replace needless double-quotes with single-quotes throughout shell scripts for improved performance. Minor portability fixes for PNG-associated programs.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2013-06-03

littleutils-1.0.27 released

Replaced "bash" with "dash" in most shell scripts for improved performance. This is particularly helpful when running instances of short-duration scripts in parallel, where the total time used to repeatedly invoke the shell becomes significant. [Special thanks to V. Hamner for the suggestion.] Plus numerous documentation tweaks.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2012-12-05

Debian packages for i386 and amd64 released

Debian packages for littleutils-1.0.26 have been released in i386 and amd64 format. See the littleutils-debian-i386 and littleutils-debian-amd64 folders for .deb files. Please note that these are "first ever" attempts at Debian packages. Hopefully they'll work properly, but if not, please submit a bug report.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2012-06-24

littleutils-1.0.26 released

Added nanosecond timestamp support to filedate for systems and output formats that support it. Made filenode compatible with 64-bit inode numbers. Updated the FAQ and several manpages to better explain how the littleutils compare to coreutils.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2012-06-17

littleutils-1.0.25 released

Renamed the realpath utility to lrealpath. The old name is the same as that of a new utility distributed with coreutils-8.15. The new name should be collision-free. Added new littleutil to-gzip. Added .lzo file handling capability to to-bzip, to-lzip, to-lzma, and to-xz.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2012-01-17

littleutils-1.0.24 released

Added new littleutil "wipe-free", for zeroing out unused space in a filesystem. Added arithmetic coding option to "opt-jpg". Plus other minor changes. See NEWS and ChangeLog files for details.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2011-03-06

littleutils-1.0.23 released

Improved 32-bit vs 64-bit installation techniques, to facilitate downstream packaging efforts. None of the actual utilities are changed from version 1.0.22.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2009-11-11

littleutils-1.0.22 released

Added new littleutil fileown, which allows a query of a file's uid/username or gid/group name. Added -m option to opt-jpg to control whether comments and other extra markers are copied with the JPEG files.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2009-11-02

littleutils-1.0.21 released

Added new littleutils to-lzip and to-xz, which are markedly similar to to-lzma, except that lzip from LZIP and xz from the XZ utils are used instead.

Removed .7z-to-.lzma conversion capability from to-lzma. This was always fairly pointless, given the similarity in compression ratios. Removing it simplifies maintenance.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2009-04-11

littleutils-1.0.20 released

Version 1.0.20 of the littleutils has been released.

Users of the opt-png and pngstrip utilities are *strongly* encouraged to upgrade, as all earlier versions will sometimes improperly strip transparency information from PNG files containing tRNS chunks.

Also, the -t (touch-compatibility) option in the filedate utility has been fixed.

The rather weak memchurn utility has been removed. Please use memtest86 or memtest86+ for any memory testing that you require.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2008-03-18

littleutils-1.0.19 released

Version 1.0.19 of the littleutils has been released.

Users of the repeats utility are *strongly* encouraged to upgrade, as the version from 1.0.18 leaves temporary working files behind.

Also, the to-lzma utility has been reworked to use either lzma (with gzip-style options) or lzma_alone (with 7zip-style options), depending on which is available at install time. If you want to see how small a LZMA-compressed tarball can be, check out the coreutils-6.10 release at

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2008-02-02

littleutils-1.0.18 released

Version 1.0.18 of the littleutils has been released. The primary new feature is the frenum utility (short for "file renumber"), generously donated by Renuk de Silva. With this utility, large numbers of files can be renamed and/or renumbered easily. Also, the filehash and repeats have been reworked for improved performance, and one minor portability issue has been fixed.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2008-01-24

littleutils-1.0.17 released

Re-released most utilities under GPL version 3.

The tempname utility now has a -D option which can be used to create a temporary directory instead of temporary file.

Removed -q option from realpath utility. It now operates in quiet mode always unless explicitly called to do otherwise with the -v option.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2007-10-18

littleutils-1.0.16 released

Version 1.0.16 is a minor update. Key changes included updated autoconfigure scripts, plus tweaks to the to-7zip and tempname utilities.

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2006-11-18

littleutils-1.0.15 (with patch to 1.0.15a) released

Build and install fixes. Using this release over version 1.0.14 is recommended.

Successful builds on Debian 3.1, Solaris 2.8, and Cygwin have been confirmed.

Quick update from 1.0.15. There.. was also a glitch with to-7zip in the extra directory that needed to be fixed. A patch to version 1.0.15a is included. Apply as follows:

cd littleutils-1.0.15
patch -p1 < [path_to_patch]/littleutils-1.0.15a.patch... read more

Posted by Brian Lindholm 2006-10-12

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