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Kenji's List / Blog: Recent posts

List 1.1A

A secret hidden function has been added to the main menu, see if you can find it!
Added 4 items to the list. bringing it to 30 items!
Here's a hint for the secret function:
"... The man quickly reaLized he had no reAson to be doIng so. The zebra Continued to follow, without question, knowing all would be okay in the end. So they followed their hEarts and found haPpinesS in the end for eachother in the end."... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2011-08-21


First official release!!
V1.0 is out, and running strong it seems.
Currently no Beta functions, and only has 25 items.

Functions include:
All - Prints all list items out, individually.
Random item - Prints out one random item.
Specific item - prints out an item specified by the user (Numeric value input)
Search- Allows the user to search for a specific word or phrase within the list of items
end - ends the program!... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2011-08-18