#26 change char (rec_func)(struct ir_remote *remotes) to indicate ignored input


The function eventually calls decode_all(). decode_all() checks if received
data corresponds to any of remotes specified in lird.conf. If the match is found,
a string or format "code repetitions button_name button_suffix remote_name" is
returned. The (*rec_func)() returns the string prepared by decode_all() as it is.

Currently, if the received input does not belong to any of remotes in
lircd.conf, an empty string is returned. We need to change this (should we really
do this considering some clients does not translate key codes but uses them
) to indicate that the input does not match with key codes in lircd.conf and
return string of appropriate format.


Tickets: #24


  • Christoph Bartelmus

    What you are trying to achieve here basically already is implemented (search for DYNCODES define in the 0.9.1 release code). This was converted to a run-time option by https://sourceforge.net/p/lirc/tickets/18/.

    Last edit: Christoph Bartelmus 2014-08-21
  • Alec Leamas

    Alec Leamas - 2014-08-21

    This is from the TODO-list, right? We need Christoph's input, I think he wrote that once. What I miss here is the actual usecase: When does the client need this information?

    That said, I think the major client which uses the "raw" key symbols is XBMC. This is an important client, we must not break it. Possibly, we could try to approach them, it should be an easy task to use the proper interfaces and thus walk-around possible problems.

    Also, if we added a runtime option to enable this feature things would be much safer, not changing things unless users requested it.

    EDIT: An open question is also how this relates to the dynamic-codes runtime option (former DYNCODES conditional compile).

  • Alec Leamas

    Alec Leamas - 2014-08-21

    Mid-air collision... thanks, Christoph!

    BTW: I have just learnt that sourceforge understands the [tickets:#18] syntax



    Tickets: #18

    Last edit: Alec Leamas 2014-08-21
  • Alec Leamas

    Alec Leamas - 2014-08-21

    Closing after discussions with Chetal


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