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The is n= eeded only if you want to compile the source and it is located in the ta= r archive. But apparently you don't need that since you already installe= d lirc with apt or some other package manager. So I think that's one thi= ng you don't have to worry about.

To be honest = I don't know what the svgalib is for and my guess is that you don't actu= ally need it for what you want to do (if it was required, your package m= anager would have taken care of it).

(Disclaime= r: I'm no expert, Im just replying because it seems to me that you're wa= sting your time on things you don't really need.)


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I am trying to get my remote to work on a Ubuntu 11.10 64bit.  The =

remote came with my KWorld PCI Dual DVB-T tuner.

Sorry if these sound basic questions but I am stuck.

On the 'Dependencies' page it talks about LIRC's, where should =

this be?  I have searched and cannot find it.   I have installed -

It also says that I need svgalib and give a link to get it, that link =

has svgalib-1.4.3-bin.tar.gz and svgalib-1.4.3.tar.gz, also in Synaptic =

I can see svgalib-bin, which one of these do I need?


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