I haven't researched it, but I bet your LIRC IR device doesn't use the RD lead on the serial port, I know mine uses the DCD lead to get IR data). I'd also bet either activity on RD (to wake up when data was received) or activity on the RI (To wake up when the modem sees a ring signal on the telephone line) is what serves as a wakeup signal. Looping the DCD line to either the RD or RI lines should do the trick. This might generate extra interrupts. If so and they are causing problems, modifying LiRC to ignore RD or RI may be needed (or some way to break the loop when the computer is not in sleep mode).

On 8/23/06, lolo900 <hastings666@icqmail.com > wrote:

hello, I'm using lirc 0.7.2 and I've a motherboard EPIA-SP (VIA) mini ITX.
I'd like to bring the pc in sleep mode when I press the button "power" on
the remote controls.
With SuSE 10, I can use the program "powersave".  It saves all the data on
the hard drive.
The problem is to wake up the pc with the remote control when it is in sleep

My motherboard has the capability to keep the power on the com ports in
sleep mode and can receive com events.  But it's not work, I can't wake the
computer up.

Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you !
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