Maybe I mis-undestood something here, but did you say that the emitters were just normal red LEDs? I'm not sure about the receiver in the device you are trying to control, but all the ones I deal with are pretty good at ignoring visible light. The only time I use "normal" LEDs is to give me a visual indication that my transmitter is working instead of having to hook up my o-scope.

On 8/16/06, Maciek Klimkowski <> wrote:
* Daniel M <> [060816 07:15]:
> I have been working on adding transmitter support to the lirc_mceusb2 driver. As of now it actually sends ir commands out through the emitters. But I still cannot get my TV (or any other device) to recognize the signal correctly. When looked through an oscilloscope even the timings of the signal looks the same as the signal(RC5) my original TV remote sends out.
> All this has started med to wonder if the problem is with the emitters (which are just regular red leds) and not the driver it self.
> Does anyone know if there is a known "emitter" problem with the mce devices even when used with the Microsoft driver?
> Since i don't have a Windows MCE machine to test with, I can not check my self if this is a "hardware" fault or not. All i know is that the output from the driver and device looks correct.

You could use a second IR receiver and a scope to verify that the IR signals
sent by the mce transmitter look the same as the once by the remote. This
would give you an apples to apples comparison at the hardware signal level.

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