Hi All,
I am not able to run for ARM via "configure" file.
I am using linux kernel version is 2.6.9-42.ELsmp and LIRC version is "lirc-0.8.4a" and ARM11 Processor.
I have ran configure file by using following command "./configure --CC=arm-linux-gcc --with-driver=parallel --host=arm"
followed by done "make && make install"
I was successful in building but dynamic module insertion is not happening on ARM.
Though I have cross compiled LIRC package for ARM (by running "./configure --CC=arm-linux-gcc --with-driver=parallel --host=arm", make and make install), the resuled lirc_dev.ko was inserted on Intel processor but not on ARM(It seems somehow it was run for Intel processor not for ARM I guess).
I think I am following some wrong procedure by giving wrong command line configuration parameters or
Does LIRC supports ARM package???
Anybody was successful for ARM processor??
Where did I blocked??
Please help me regarding this.
I am bugging my head past so many days.
My work got stopped :( .
If you give me solution I will be very thankful to you guys.
Thanks & Regards,