I am trying to get lirc working in Xen in Dom0.  I have a Serial IR Blaster (lirc_serial).  Everything compiled fine, my /etc/lircd.conf file is correct (took from another system not running Xen).

When I am in Dom0, I get no errors but the IR signal is not being sent.  I compiled with the DEBUG option turned on and get the following output when using irsend:

buffer: -BEGIN-
buffer: -SEND_ONCE 301 power-
buffer: -SUCCESS-
buffer: -END-

I have added the kernel options to have Xen not hijack /dev/ttyS0, etc. I know the serial port is working.  I tested by using minicom and a serial cable to attach to a UPS device and I can communicate with it (before I use setserial and load lircd, of course).

On the same exact system, if I boot into the non-Xen kernel, lirc sends the signal properly and my device powers on/off.

Anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?  I have tried to compile the Xen kernel with serial support built-in as well instead of modular, but that gave me the same results.

The only thing I can figure is that I need to recompile with some additional options on/off to get it to work, but cannot find documentation as to what these pieces are.

Any help would be much appreciated.