I have a Creative Labs Soundblaster Live! 24bit External (USB) which has
a remote control (RMT1500) just like the Audigy NX extern USB.
The latter seems to be fully supported by lirc, so i thought it might
work for my sound blaster as wall. Unfortunately it does not,
here is what lird has to say:
lircd -n -d hw:1
lircd-0.8.0[8441]: lircd(alsa_usb) ready
lircd-0.8.0[8441]: accepted new client on /dev/lircd
lircd-0.8.0[8441]: cannot open hw:1: No such file or directory
lircd-0.8.0[8441]: caught signal

cat /proc/asound/cards
0 [YMF754         ]: YMF754 - Yamaha DS-XG (YMF754)
                     Yamaha DS-XG (YMF754) at 0xfedf8000, irq 9
1 [External       ]: USB-Audio - SB Live! 24-bit External
                     Creative Technology SB Live! 24-bit External at usb-0000:00:07.2-1.4.2, full sp

Any ideas how to get this working? I think the difference between the two ir systems
should not be that different.