Thanks for you response Kyle.  I made a typo there, I meant to say that /dev/lirc was there and I had permission to it.  At that point I had three files: lircd, lirc and lircm.  Now after peforming a modprobe -r lirc_i2c; modprobe lirc_i2c I only have lircd and lircm (/dev/lirc is gone).  Not sure why.  Anyway, I have a hauppauge 150 with the gray remote and I used the script to select Driver Configuration, TV Card, Hauppauge TV Card before building.  The 150 itself seems to work.  What should I be trying next?  It appears that /dev/lirc has disappeared and not come back but I'm not sure why.
Thanks again,

On 7/28/06, Kyle Kienapfel <> wrote:
The problem isn't /dev/lircd, your log bit says it connects to lircd.
The "lircd" part works, it's the "lirc" part that doesn't. Maybe
google for a howto for your IR reciever, i2c sounds like its attached
to your motherboard or a PCI card, but I know nothing beyond that its
driver issues.

On 7/27/06, ben usenetalias <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've just built and installed lirc and now I am having problems running it.
> I attempted...
> #modprobe lirc_i2c
> #lircd
> #irw
> attempting to run irw just bumps me right back to the command prompt and
> viewing the log I see...
> lircd: lircd(hauppauge) ready
> lircd: accepted new client on /dev/lircd
> lircd: could not open /dev/lirc
> lircd: default_init(): no such device
> lircd: caught signal
> the file /dev/lircd exists and I have permission to it.  I'm not sure why
> this is bombing out and I'm hoping you folks may be able to help.
> Thanks
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