Hello there! I've just mounted an HTPC for my home. I'm using XBMC live, which is based on ubuntu 9.10. and its bundled with LIRC 0.8.6.

I have a Phillips SRM 5100 (mceusb) and after configuring LIRC using dpkg-reconfigure lirc it works just fine. Everything is great :). ... untill I shutdown the machine.

When the machine boots again. the remote is not working. I run lsusb and it's not even displayed. I turn it on, and lsusb now displays the device, but, lirc does not recognize it. :(

I need to run dpkg-reconfigure again to get it working.

Is this a possible bug? Is it possible to run the dpkg-reconfigure from an init script, with no need to go to the selection screen? I could automate the process, I see no problem at all. The only thing that bothers me now, is that I have to ssh to the machine and run this command every time I want to boot my HTPC.