I have IR receiver with my ubuntu 7.10 running mythtv. I have a viewsat ultra receiver.

User Manual URL:http://www.viewsatusa.com/Viewsat_Ultra_Manual_V01.pdf (at the end of manual there are couple of remote codes to control aux device)

when i tried first time with un-remembered code ir-receiver received my remote, one button worked, when i press 9 on remote, it displayed 4 in my notepad (my ubuntu see my ir-receiver as a ir-keyboard). that means my ir-receiver can receive my remote. now I tried with random codes so that receiver can read as many as keys from remote. but no luck. can some one help me in this issue? for many codes my ir-receiver blinking but i do not think it is reading anything because i do not see any thing typed in my notepad.
above one is my ir-receiver, that remote works well but i want to use my viewsat remote so that i can control all my devices (satellite receiver, tv and mythtv ) with one remote.

thanks in advance.