I've managed to get (i think) lirc working,

irw shows

ff00000000000001 00 POWER AsusDH
ff00000000000002 00 QUICK_POWER AsusDH
ff00000000000003 00 NOISE_OFF AsusDH
ff00000000000004 00 WIFI AsusDH
ff00000000000006 00 MAXIMIZE AsusDH
ff00000000000005 00 AP_LAUNCH AsusDH
ff00000000000007 00 PLUS AsusDH
ff00000000000008 00 REV AsusDH
ff00000000000009 00 PLAY/PAUSE AsusDH
ff0000000000000a 00 FWD AsusDH
ff0000000000000b 00 MINUS AsusDH

what i'd like to know is how to map these buttons to a bash command or script

currently I only have