Dear all,

I have recently downloaded and installed lirc-0.7.0 on my computer. However, I have a problem that I didn't find listed anywhere.

My problem is that when I launch lircd it hangs after printing "lircd-0.7 ready". Mode2 and irrecord both work fine. Only lircd hangs.

I checked the code a little and found that lircd was hanging in a select call ( select(sockfd+1,fds,NULL,NULL,NULL) ).

I have compared the code of lircd with the one of irrecord and found that in lircd there is no call to hw.init. I don't know if this has anything to do with the problem but the fact is that without this call hw.fd equals "-1" (which is a value that I don't really like :-) ).

Does anybody has an idea?