> I am having trouble getting a One For All URC 6131 PVR remote control to
> be recognized by lirc. I have a PVR 250 and the hauppauge remote works
> fine with lirc. I have tried irrecord with the one for all remote using
> the rc-5 template file but I keep getting a gap not found error. It
> seems that the remote doesn't want to talk to my receiver. Has anyone
> had any luck with this remote? Does anyone know if this is actually an
> rc-5 remote, or how I could find out if it is? Thanks

I got this working by setting the VCR device on the remote to the code for one of the Philips VCR's. I don't remember which. IIRC, they all worked, so I picked the one with the most buttons enabled on the remote. Then I used irrecord to record my own conf file. One thing, I found that if I pushed a particular button twice, I got two different codes. So when I ran irrecord, I recorded each button two times. My lircd.conf has two codes for POWER, two codes for PLAY, etc. It works fine.