Sorry to post this problem again, because it seems no body can help me and response since I post this problem, and I have cost so much time on this problem, therefore greatly hope to get your help for my this problem.

(Problem description: )
I installed MythTV on fedora core 6 and installed lirc via #yum -y install lirc lirc-kmdl-2.6.20-1.1962.fc6, and used Hauppage PVR150 card and one attached remote control, and now can use hauppauge remote control to cotrol mythtv UI properlly.

However, I want to catch each remote-control pressed button code, so I used irexec.c programming and modified it, moreover I put lirc_client.c into folder /user/include/lirc/.
But when running irexec.c, I always got the problems as below:
" irexec: could not connect to socket
irexec: No such file or directory
It seems there are some problems about lirc_init();
Moreover, I have used #chmod 666 /dev/lircd, so I think permission may not be the right problem;
In fact, I can still use this lirc driver for mythtv and used this remote control properlly now, but got the abover problem when trying to use irexe to get pressed button code.

Any suggestion would be welcome!
Thanks to you:)

Best regards!