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I’m working on getting a Dign HV5 (also known as a D-Vine HV5) box up and running. I switched to Fedora Core (modified kernel, as prescribed by the manual) and got LIRCd compiled. When I use the default Dign HV5 settings the remote does not work. When I try it using “irrecord”, my Linux-box sees all the signals I give and I can record them all nicely (they are completely different from then the ones in the configfile). This is possible UNTIL irrecord wants to detect the setting of the toggle-bit. I can’t get past this point in any way, it looks that “irrecord” hangs. When I stop the application (CTRL-C), I have a settings-file.


When I restart LIRCd and try to verify the settings with “irw”, I can not see a thing. It looks like it does not return anything, even with the new settings. When I copy data from the old config-file, it still does not work. Can anybody help me with this?


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ir. Jaap van Ekris

Senior Advisor Mission Critical Systems


Utrecht, The Netherlands