I'm running gentoo 2.6.13-gentoo-r3.  I emerged lirc.  My IRD receiver is an 'old' irdman serial port.  So, I did a 'modprobe lirc_serial', and got these errors in dmesg:

lirc_dev: Unknown symbol class_simple_device_add
lirc_dev: Unknown symbol class_simple_destroy
lirc_dev: Unknown symbol class_simple_device_remove
lirc_dev: Unknown symbol class_simple_create
lirc_serial: Unknown symbol lirc_unregister_plugin
lirc_serial: Unknown symbol lirc_register_plugin

Way back when (a week ago....) I was trying to get the DVB device drivers working on/in this same kernel (HD-5000 card), I saw similar errors related to the 'class_simple/*' series of calls, and ended up thinking they were related to changes in the 2.6.13 kernel and device drivers....  

So, just for fun, I downloaded lirc-0.7.3pre1.tar.bz2, ran setup.sh, chose 'Other serial devices', then 'Irman / UIR', then all the defaults; then ran 'make' and then as root make install...  Then did a 'modprobe lirc_serial' and still the same dmesg errors.....

Help!   :-)

Kirby Bakken
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