Hi all,


I know that this subject has been discused several time in this mailling list but all i found about it did not solve my problem…


I’m setting up a box with RH9.0 and MythTV…Obviously i wanted to use my IR remote control (gray one provided with my hauppauge PVR-250) and lirc (apt-get installed the 0.7.0pre2 one (kmdl and lirc))… I followed each step of the tutorial at http://pvrhw.goldfish.org/tiki-page.php?pageName=rh9pvr250..but here it failed :


Trying to launch irw (to test my remote control), it brings me back to prompt and lircd is crashed L

I did the « chmod 666 /dev/lirc » trick (even used 777 and lircd) … but that’s not helped me much

I also read it this i have to link my /dev/lirc/ (with is currently an empty file) to the serial port …but i’m not using a serial sensor, just the one from the PVR 250 card …so i didn’t do it yet …


I think that lirc_dev and lirc_i2c are correctly loaded (shown in lsmod), insmod gives me correct information about the lirc_i2c.o file…, lircd.conf is also correct…, lircd running…


Last line of /var/log/message are

« Accepted new client on /dev/lircd »

« could not open /dev/lirc »

« default_init() : No such device »

« caught signal »


I notice that lirc_i2c is unused… so it may be a clue.

Actually i’m completly completly lost and I really need some help !


Thanks in advance