Have you tried...
irsend send_once XM KEY_2
irsend send_once XM KEY_2
Some devices treat two identical keys in rapid succession as “same key sent twice for reliability” and will ignore one of the keys received.
Paul DS.
Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 4:57 PM
Subject: XmRadio and Lirc - can't send same key twice
Hi all – I have an odd issue with a XM Radio and Lirc. I can send keys to the radio and they are recognized, but I am unable to send the same key twice in a row. i.e., I can send 21 and it goes to channel 21 but I can’t send 22. Also, if I send something like 34, I can’t send any channel next that start with 4 (41, 42, 43, etc)
I tried sending both as :
irsend send_once XM KEY_2 KEY_2
irsend send_once XM KEY_2
irsend send_once XM KEY_2
This also effects other keys, such as power. Kinda hard to turn it back on if you can only send power once. :)
Any thoughts?

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