Hi all.

Had a look through the list archives, but couldn't find any mention of this... Has anyone tried using a Sky "magic eye" as the IR part of an IR receiver?  I'm looking into controlling an HTPC which is shortly to take the place of my Sky HD box, and part of the WAF depends upon emulating the Sky experience as closely as possible.  Since I already have magic eyes in every room where there is a TV (5 and counting), and Sky remotes to match, it made sense to me to see if I can take the IR signal off of the RF2 coax connection and bypass the need for an IR diode...

1. is this possible? I guess if the magic eyes just inject the IR signal onto the coax, then it can be pulled off the coax using a suitable filter circuit, right?
2. how would I block the 5vDC that powers the magic eyes, without affecting the IR signal?

There is also a device called a "Global TVLink Plus" (http://www.tvlink.co.uk/tvlinkplus.htm) that allows non-Sky IR equipment to be controlled using the magic eyes.  It appears to have a dual IR-blaster connection on a 3.5mm jack socket - presumably this would already have the 5vDC stripped out of the signal?  Would this be easier to get LIRC to accept?

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts you guys / gals might have on this!