My problem:   I am learning Linux over last 1.5 years, with my interest started after searching for NAS at first, but then also expanding to HTPC with XBMC. Anyway, I have been using XBMC for about one year. It works well except the IR remote. My machine is Jetway iontop, (intel atom with Nvidia ion2), which comes with a remote control. This machine has Fintek CIR based chip built in and Jarod Wilson has made some patch that is supposed to work with this. refer to this - . A few months ago I was able to make the remote work, but at a very close distance. I do not remember what I did, but was able to get response and configure my personal file. However, since then, I have needed to rebuild my server with xbmc, and now I do not know how to get it to work. 

This may be useful information to programmers/developers:  After reading thousands of pages and having tried several methods and being frustrated, I looked for other options for my HTPC setup. I have come across OpenELEC.  I did try OpenELEC and surprisingly, not only it worked well, but the remote is fully functional without any modifications. I could even get the remote work from over 10 feet away (I have not tried longer distance yet). Although I could just stick with OpenELEC, with some of the users having some other issues with OpenELEC, I think I would want to go back to XBMCbuntu setup.  I am not sure what OpenELEC uses, but likely it is LIRC and may have some kinks worked out - or ... I was just lucky.

I would appreciate any help in this regard. 

-Praful Patel.