On Tuesday, 21 February 2012, Colin Alie <calie@uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
> Hello, Rajil,
> My understanding is that iMON IR receivers support the signal set used by Windows MCE remotes (see imon.c in kernel sources). I have the same case and IR receiver (15c2:0038) and ir-keytable outputs two supported protocols: RC-6 (which apparently is what Windows MCE remotes use) and other (protocol used by included RM200 remote).
> Out of curiosity, are you experiencing a situation where not every keypress of your remote is detected by the receiver (see my post to this list from February 3, 2012)? With me, the pad works fine but, for other buttons I need to either press them repeatedly or hold the button down and wave it in front of the panel. Thanks.
> Until next time, Colin.
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Yes, I have the same issue i.e. only some of the keys were generating an event. However with changing the 'input' as mentioned in my email, i am getting events for all keys except Pictures key.

I want to use an mceusb remote instead of RM200. How do i set imon to use mceusb protocol. It seems that the old lirc_imon module could do that using ir_protocol=1.

By the way all this is to get mythtv working nicely with lirc.