irrecord tells me to hold my remote buttons down for about 1 second, both during the gap-finding stage and the naming-buttons stage.  I found that if I followed those instructions I could not generate an lircd.conf file for my dish network echostar vip211k.

irrecord was unable to find the gap unless I pressed my remote buttons rapidly (about as fast as I could press and release). 

When it came time to record and name individual buttons, holding the button down for a full second resulted in a "signal too long" message.  If I held the button for a shorter period of time, sometimes I would get a working lircd.conf and sometimes not.  I'm suspecting that the success or failure of my lircd.conf depends on how long I hold that button down.

Does anyone have any insight on this?  I am trying to get a working lircd.conf using irrecord, but right now I'm sort of shooting in the dark as far as choosing my strategies.

My remote's frequency was detected as 56000 Hz, in case that matters.  I am using an IR receiver from a Streamzap remote.