I upgraded my system from centos5, lirc 8.4a to Centos 6, lirc 9.0.
I am using devinput with a HOLTEK keyboard reciever.
I am using the same hardware.
On centos5 the following keys worked, but do not work on centos 6.
Other keys do work.

Lircd 0.8.4a (Centos 5) (irw output)
0000000080010179 00 KEY_TV devinput
00000000800100e2 00 KEY_MEDIA devinput
0000000080010189 00 KEY_VIDEO devinput
0000000080010187 00 KEY_MP3 devinput
000000008001019a 00 KEY_SHUFFLE devinput
0000000080010066 00 KEY_HOME devinput

What did I miss when I set this up? Any help would be appreciated.