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El 6 de noviembre de 2010 20:00, Juan Jesús García de Soria Lucena <> escribió:
Then there's yet another problem for me. It would seem that the lirc_it87 driver included in Ubuntu 10.10 (after changing the PNP ID for it to handle the EEEBox receiver), has problems with the signal or the interrupts when the box is decoding TV in MythTV (using VDPAU). See attached picture of xmode2 pressing the OK button on the remote. You can see that there seem to be "holes" in the signal at random. I guess there could be timing/interrupt problems there, and that they make my repeat problems far worse than they would be. Is there any way to fix it?--

It seems signal is stable when setting the digimatrix=1 parameter in the module configuration (from visual inspection of xmode2 output). As far as I could understand the driver code, this makes the driver use a totally different strategy for IRQ handling. When digimatrix=1 is active, it waits for a whole FIFO buffer to get filled in, then it does actually convert the FIFO data to pulses and spaces bit by bit.

I couldn't understand the code for digimatrix=0. It just seems to discard the FIFO data. I guess it's just using the interrupts for pulses and timeouts for spaces, the opposite, or something like that...

Unfortunately the reported space/pulse times get shorter when digimatrix=1, and thus the RC6 MCE remote config won't work.

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    Juan Jesus.