Hello all,

Here is a conversation I had with Jarod on trying to understand what was going on under the hood of my Antec Veris Multimedia E-Z IR receiver.
I'm posting it here because I didn't know of this limitation even after a somewhat extensive research on it before buying. Since I'm screwed, I might as well try to help others into **not** buying that. THanks again to Jarod who answered me on this.

oh, and I have yet another question for you all afer that :)


On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 06:52:53PM +0200, Olivier Revelin wrote:
> Hello Jarod,
> [...]
> I am trying to use an Antec Veris Multimedia station EZ (Soundgraph iMon
> receiver) with my universal remote (Philips SRU 5160). I currently don't
> know which protocol this remote is capable of (RC5 or RC6 probably, but I'm
> not sure).
> The small remote provided with the Antec receiver works perfectly using the
> conf file provided by the LIRC project (great !). Irw works perfectly in
> that case.
> However, from what I read in forums and mailng list archives, the iMon
> receiver only accepts commands from its designated remotes, and from MCE
> Remotes. I can chose which one using the ir_protocol param when loading
> lirc_imon module : So irrecord only detect something with ir_protocol = 0 =
> iMon and using the Veris remote. (I don't have a MCE remote so I cannot test
> ir_protocol = 1 = MCE and using a MCE remote)
> When I use any button on my universal remote, the red led on the Antec Veris
> receiver blinks, so it detects something, but discards it (or so it seems).
> Currently, I have included all RC5 and RC6 codes in the lircd.conf file and
> I have tried hundreds of different codes using my remote setup mode, to no
> avail. (pressing the "POWER" button for hours on my remote and watching if
> "irw" prints something... pretty boring)
> So my question are:
> - is there a "magical" way to make the iMon receiver accept any remote
> signal ?  (it would be up to me after that to build a proper conf file using
> irrecord.

No. Its a hardware decoder. It has firmware that only knows how to
properly decode and translate a very finite set of IR codes. Anything it
doesn't recognized gets discarded, no way to pass it along that I'm aware
of. Recognized signals get translated into a 64-bit hex string, which is
what we actually map to keys, we're not mapping actual IR data.

> - is there a way to determine the protocol used by my universal remote to
> see if by any luck, one of its mode would fake a MCE remote ?

I'd look for a "Microsoft DVR" profile or similar. You do need a very
specific RC6 6A microsoft-specific variant here. I've got at least one
universal remote that includes codes for Microsoft, Dell, HP, etc "media
centers" and/or DVR's, which are all one in the same, and work.

> - The idea at the start was to set up 3 or 4 set of codes with the remote
> (it can store up to 5 of them) and use one for Rhythmbox, one for XBMC,
> etc... without risking confusion. ("PLAY" would start playback on 3 programs
> at the same time. Am I out of luck with this receiver ?

Yep, you're out of luck with this receiver.

> Thank you for all yout work on the Lirc project and if possible for your
> answer,

No problem, sorry its probably not the answer you wanted to hear. ;)


Ok, so my question is : do you believe there's a way to unsolder the IR receiver and use it to built a Serial port IR receiver that might actually be good for something ?

Thank you,

Olivier Revelin