Hi All,


Ok – I am v new to LIRC so sorry if this has been solved, but I couldn’t find anything in the lists or the faq/docs. Over the weekend I installed Suse linux 9.2 onto my Sony PCV pc/television. I got everything working well except the infra red remote.


Looking at the hardware Suse has already loaded usbhid which has bound to the Sony IR Receiver usb device and added /dev/input/event3. without LIRC loaded (or setup) the remote seems to be acting like a keyboard, but half the keycodes are not mapped, and it seems to be constantly sending keycodes even when the remote batteries have been removed, and yes I have tried it in a dark room, and still get the same  problem.


I have tried setting up LIRC as per the docs and run irrecord as follows:


Irrecord –h dev/input –d /dev/input/event3 sonyremote


But I notice that it sometimes moves onto the next key without me pressing a button on the remotes. If I run the lircd with the above options and then use irw I can see a constant rolling screen of codes with no buttons pressed on the remote. Pressing some buttons registers codes in the irw output, but others seem to return no codes, or their code depends upon which button was pressed previously.


I am now stuck. I think usbhid is getting in the way, but cannot see how to unload it just for the IR receiver. Or is there a way of getting lirc to use usbhid? If so how do I stop the remote from acting like a keyboard?


Or, if its better for me to just keep using it  like a keyboard, how can I map the extra keycodes and prevent it from autorepeating without affecting my normal keyboard layout and settings?


Thanks in advance,


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