Reading an older thread (Re: iMON Remote repeating issue), I realize that the problem is in the imon driver.
A patch seems to be available, but it is beyond my current competence to apply it.
Can someone guide me?


I am trying to get a Antec Fusion Remote Black (iMON remote and LCD display) working with Ubuntu maverick 10.10.

To install lirc selecting "Antec Veris iMon" did not work at all.
So I removed lirc and decided to start over.

I have studied the instructions on how to install lirc using linux events. So far not successful. 
Condition for below is without lirc installed.

Along with my experiments I have found that the remote is behaving really strange.
The first test was to use "evtest /dev/input/eventX".
This works fine, and shows that the volume knob produces VolumeUp and VolumeDown events as expected.
But if the Volume+ /Volume- button is pressed once on the Remote, it generates an endless stream of VolumeUp/Down events that chokes the system completely, does not respond to mouseclicks etc. This is actually true for all buttons except the mousepad. However, if I rock the Volume knob a bit CW/CCW the endless stream of events is interrupted. Sometimes.

My question is now: 
Is this a hardware/design problem, or is it something that can be "configured away" by installing and configuring lirc properly?
In other words, should I even bother? Or cut the cables and install another, working, remote?

Most of the instructions I have found on this issue I suspect may be obsolete since Ubuntu 10.10 responds to iMON without lirc, while Ubuntu 10.04 did not.