Hello ,

I am using IR over serial & have tried compiling lirc with different driver options. The device is only used for receiving.

 The lirc_serial module (Home-brew 16x50 UART compatible serial port) does not work at all. lirc_sir , pcmak and UIRT2 partially works. However when I try to program my remote using Irrecord with any of the mentioned drivers/modiles , it cannot program all the buttons on any of the various remotes that I have. In case of pcmak and UIRT2 , I get timeout when I use lircd and irw.

I am very new to IR and I would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. I have 2 specific questions:

1. How can I find out the meaning of all the flags in lircd.conf ? Gaps, eps, aeps , etc. Is there any documentation that someone could point me to ?

2. If I want to write a driver similar to PCMAK and UIRT2 for my hardware and use the Linux serial driver, can anyone point me as to how can I get started.