I have a Microsoft Media Center Edition Remote on my FC6 system working with the lirc_mceusb2 driver.

Is there some magic incantation to get it to wake up my system from S5 (suspend to disk and power off except for standby power)?

This USB IR receiver is reportedly able to wake up Windows MCE systems from hibernation, so I think linux systems should be able to do at least as much ;-).

I haven't yet figured out how to get my system to wake up.  I have jumpered the USB ports to have standby power, confirmed by the fact that the receiver now lights up its confirmation LED even when the system is in hibernation.  I turned on the USB entries in /proc/acpi/wakeup (and even tried turning them all on).  I tried enabling the various "wake on ..." options in the BIOS along with these other actions.  Even with all this turned on, still no wakeups.

Can someone on this list tell me if I missed something, what it is?

Starting to get a sore and flat forehead from banging on wall :-(