Sorry for not being clear.

Hardware: (transmitter only) (Transmitter/Receiver)

Software: (slackware 10.2)
LIRC 0.7.2 & LIRC 0.8.0 pre 1
Cable box:
Motorola DCT 1700
Problem: Every button on the remote works but the "0" button. 

Using the remote that came with the cable box irw reads its input just fine.

bash-3.00# irw
000000000000000b 00 0 1700 <---
0000000000000014 00 down 1700
000000000000000a 00 9 1700
0000000000000009 00 8 1700
0000000000000008 00 7 1700
0000000000000005 00 4 1700
0000000000000003 00 2 1700
000000000000000b 00 0 1700 <---

bash-3.00# irsend SEND_ONCE 1700 0
buffer: -BEGIN-
buffer: -SEND_ONCE 1700 0-
buffer: -SUCCESS-
buffer: -END-

The cable box never receives the command. I find it strange that it only does this with the "0" button. Also that irw sees the "0" button from the cable box's remote. Am I wrong to rule out lircd.conf file error If irw sees the button ?

I have wrote a work around. There are only a few channels with "0" in them that I watch so i change to the cloest channel and then channle_down to it.

Thank you for your help.

PS. (about the double post) I was expecting a confermation of some sort. I had a reply-to email address that I thought might have blocked the message. So i edited and resent. Sorry for the extra spam.  

On 11/28/05, EC <> wrote:
On Mon, 28 Nov 2005 14:48:19 -0600
Lee Veal <> wrote:

> Using lirc_serial  0.7.2 with 2.6 13.8 Kernel (Slackware)
>  Ive replaced the hardware. Rebuilt the kernel  , rebuilt lirc, banged head
> on wall for the past 2 weeks over this.
> irw sees the 0 coming from the remote and says so. The problem seems to
> occurs when lirc tries to send the code.
> Searching the list archive i seen another post with a similar problem. Does
> anyone have any info on this problem?
> I would be thankful for any help.
> Lee

You need to provide more information and explain yourself clearer.  irw
sees the 0?  lirc tries to send the code?

Is the remote generating the correct output with irw?
What applications are you using it with, and how?
What is not working?

PS: Not sure about everyone else, but I seem to have gotten two copies
of your email with slightly different subjects send 30 minutes apart.
If this is intentional, it was unnecessary and will not bring any more
attention to your question.

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