Sorry if this is a little off topic, but the remote on my winfast TV2000XP
Deluxe does not work.    Very occasionally if I unplug the IR receiver from
the card and plug it back in again then i can use the remote (and it did seem
to work better before).  The remote does not work in Win2K either.

According to the Leadtek FAQ remote probs are often because of IRQ conflicts.  
The card needs a unique IRQ.

I have a small barebones with just one PCI slot and i think there are several
IRQs free.  In Win2k you can't control IRQs and my bios does not seem to
offer an option to set the IRQ (nor does it have a plug and play option).  
But perhaps I can do it in Linux.

The trouble is that I simply have no idea how to begin pre-setting IRQs and
google has not offered much ... yet.

Any pointers would be very welcome.

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