I am new to linux && this list, so here it goes:

My goals were to get a mythtv front-end installed on my xbox, which required me to use lirc. The Linux install and the mythtv install went OK, but when I tried to get my Microsoft-branded infra-red (the DVD kit) remote to work, I had problems.

I am using kernel version 2.4.32, and I have xir and xpad compiled as modules. Since I am using a 2.4 kernel, I dont have UDEV support and being that I am a Linux noob, I'm not even sure how devices are created. I just thought when you loaded the modules, they would `listen` for a device and would set it up when inserted. Unfortunately, even though I see the modules successfully loading at boot, no lirc device is created.

I am using gentoo on my xbox (gentoox home 5.0 -- thanks to shallax), and here is some output I thought would be relevant: http://pastebin.ca/98043

If any other output would help you in diagnosing this problem, I will gladly provide it; if you think it would increase my chances of realizing what I have done wrong.

Thanks for your help list,
Ryan Mac