Hi all,
I have just recently made my own home-brew serial port receiver/transmitter and am having some problems.
I first downloaded two config files for two of the three remotes that I have (Foxtel – Digital_Satellite_STB and Samsumg – BN59-00861A (I actually own a BN59-00863A)) and proceeded to test the transmitter with the devices that they are supposed to operate and the Foxtel remote worked fine, the Samsung remote did nothing.
I then proceeded to run `irw` and push buttons on the Samsung remote and was quite astonished that irw printed the following output
00000000E0E040BF 00 Power Samsung_BN59-00861A
00000000E0E040BF 01 Power Samsung_BN59-00861A
I then figured that the codes for the two remotes were identical, but that maybe the header was different and so the tv didnt recognize it? I then decided to try `irrecord –device=/dev/lircd –driver=default –disable-namespace <file>` and then received some more weird output
Press RETURN to continue.
Now enter the names for the buttons.
Please enter the name for the next button (press <ENTER> to finish recording)
Now hold down button “Power”.
Got it.
Signal Length is 0
That’s weird because the signal length must be odd!
Try again.
irrecord: error reading from /dev/lircd
irrecord: Success
Segmentation fault
Seeing this I thought I should take a look at the output from `mode2 –device=/dev/lircd –driver=default` and got the following
space 3158064
space 3158064
space 6631525
space 6434868
space 3158048
pulse 7827280
pulse 5447794
space 7697261
space 4349799
space 2963765
pulse 3553328
mode2: error reading from /dev/lircd
mode2: Success
readdata() failed
Also taking a look at `dmesg | grep lirc` I see the following
lirc_dev: IR Remote Control driver registered, major 61
lirc_serial: auto-detected active low receiver
lirc_dev: lirc_register_driver: sample_rate: 0
lirc_serial $Revision: 5.104 $ registered
lirc_serial: ignoring spike: 1 1 4CECDF12 4CECDF12 C1FBC C1F88
lirc_serial: ignoring spike: 1 1 4CECDF26 4CECDF26 650F3 650C9
lirc_serial: ignoring spike: 1 1 4CECDF85 4CECDF85 802F3 802C9
lirc_serial: ignoring spike: 1 1 4CECDFD7 4CECDFD7 AE27C AE253
Can someone please tell me what all of this means?
Im using Ubuntu 10.04 (kernel 2.6.32-26-generic-pae)
lirc 0.8.6-0ubuntu4.2
My serial port receiver is nearly identical to the one on the lirc website, but im using a different receiver and the transmitter is the same as the one on the site (the simple DTR –> diode –> resistor –> IR transmitter one).