My realmagic remote still mostly works with Lirc 0.8, but the "repeat" keys no longer repeat.  I discovered the lircd.conf changed a lot!  in the version 0.7 of remotes/sigma_designs/lircd.conf.realmagic, it said

#       "For Hollywood Plus Version 1.4 or above Driver only"
#       remote control for the Sigma Designs REALmagic Hollywood Plus DVD card
#       receiver is connected to the serial port - it does not require the card

but now in 0.8, it says:

#   For "REALMagic" remote control *via SIR driver only*. Not for use
#   with serial port connected IR receiver bundled with card/remote

Ok, fine, but what is one with the serial port receiver to do then?  What is the SIR driver?

here's the entire files, if any of that information is needed:

lircd.conf.realmagic from 0.7
lircd.conf.realmagic from 0.8
my hardware.conf
my lircrc for mythtv
(I haven't modified that file at all since it once worked right, and the hauppauge stuff is in there cause I made that file by editing a different one :)

The remote actual does work, except for the repeating keys... but it's really bugging me!