Hi Christoph,

Everything is working great now! For some reason after upgrading to version 0.8.6, I couldn't get irrecord to work with my remote unless I forced raw mode with "-f". I tried it again a few minutes ago, and this time irrecord worked without the "-f" flag. The config file generated works great, and I'm no longer experiencing the issue. On a side note, when I was running version 0.8.4a I had generated both a raw code lircd.conf and a non-raw code lircd.conf, and had the same issue with both. So I guess my remote is not compatible with version 0.8.4a.

Thanks to you and to everyone who responded. I'll be sending you a copy of my lircd.conf so that you can add it to the remote database.



> Use toggle_bit_mask 0x800 and you will see that it's actually working.
> Maybe you didn't restart lircd last time you tried?
> Christoph